Mothers day

  Grade 5/6 were really creative when they made Mothers Day frames earlier this term. Bright colours, beautiful pictures, artistic styles all sealed with a personal message is just what Mom needed to brighten her day. I was impressed with the love they put in, I am sure you were too.

Flock! Workshop and Performance

Thank to you Aunty Ruby and Ms Flynn-Clarke for conducting the Flock! workshop for our Grade 6 students on Week 9 of Term 1. It was an enlightening and enjoyable experience for them. The Flock! Create a Bird Lantern and Perform with the Flock project is part of the Fire on Water Finale, which¬†will be … [Read more…]

Term 1 Class Round Up

2018 started with a bang for Grade 6, and the students were not impressed! We started with some assessments. We did a persuasive writing piece in English and an impossible test in Maths! These were to measure what can they do and what we needed to work on this term. Thereafter, we had a chance … [Read more…]